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Valentina LaPier

Valentina LaPier is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with the Blackfeet Nation, the Glacier National Park area, and the Metis Community. Valentina owns Renegade Studio, a gallery and shop in East Glacier Park Village, the town over 3 million people visit each year to experience Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet community.


Renegade Studio is a space in which cross-cultural dialogues and education are fostered through art. Most recently, Valentina has been working with Par flèche rendering a traditional Blackfeet medium into new wearable styles. Valentina believes the resurgence and evolution of traditional artforms is a form of prayer. For the last 30 years, Valentina has painted the stories and messages she is gifted from the Creator using a range of materials including watercolor, pastels, and acrylic.


As an established artist Valentina feels obliged to serve as an educator for her communities. She has partnered with Blackfeet at Heart and The Glacier National Park Service giving lectures and workshops. Her favorite experience was a two-day pastel workshop she lead with the Browning Alternative School. “I love being in the role of teacher because students always prompt me to re-learn and re-approach subjects from a new standpoint.”  Valentina’s work grows and evolves as her world does.


LaPier is a board member of the Michif Heritage Keepers, Friends of The Plains Indian Museum, and a Crazy Dog society member. Working with other Artists and organizer’s she aids in creating educational events and celebrations. One of her favorite celebrations is the MHK’s 3-day event where traditional language, history, and fiddle & jig music fill the air. As someone who grew up before the Indian Religious Act (1978) helping facilitate cultural celebration is especially uplifting and honoring for Valentina.


LaPier is the recipient of the 2012 Blackfoot Art Awards in recognition for her contributions to Blackfoot identity, pride and inspiration.

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